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They’ll compliment your hair when Syl is your stylist.

As a teenager I knew exactly what to do to enhance a person’s looks through hair styles by looking at their face. I gained the trust of my high school friends and from there my journey began. 


If I had the opportunity to help someone look and feel better just by giving them a nice hair style I was satisfied. I chose hair care as a profession because natural, healthy, strong, vibrant hair is what everyone desires and I have the experience to help them achieve such a goal.

In 1999 I started doing hair professionally and have had the opportunity to participate in Bonner Bros and many other hair shows. I have also been featured in Salon Source magazine where I was able to show my versatility with natural hair styles and products.

I enjoy interacting with others and making them look and feel great about themselves.  I do this while caring for, maintaining and treating their hair until it becomes healthy and vibrant. Loving and caring for my own hair allowed me to love and care for everyone else's. 

This is what I do, that's Naturally Me.

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